Small bathroom update

Over the weekend, I made a few small changes to our master bathroom. I love our bathroom, but it’s proved a little challenging to decorate. We have vaulted ceilings and a freestanding bathtub that sits basically in the center of the room.

Since moving in, we’ve had built-in storage added between the two windows in the room, painted existing cabinets white (and changed out the doors to be inset), and painted the existing vanities.

DSC_0004We were left with a ton of wall space, especially along this wall, which is opposite our two vanities. The previous owners had a towel rack here, but we never used it because it is not particularly close to the shower. A neighbor was selling this very large, ornate mirror (it’s 45″ x 55″), so I thought it might look good along this large wall. DSC_0013I like that it’s large and takes up a lot of visual space. It’s unique as well – it’s actually upholstered, which you don’t see very often. It seems to complement the olive green painted vanities  and dark wood mirrors across the room from it. I also painted an armoire the same color green as the bathroom vanities (Annie Sloan chalk paint), as you can see in the picture below.

DSC_0004What do you think? Today, I added a piece of modern art along the shower wall to keep it from looking too formal. I still need to change out the frame with a simple wooden floater frame.

DSC_0012Here’s another view along the new mirror wall.

DSC_0026 (1)Finally, here’s another shot of the other side of the bathroom. There are two vanities along this wall.

DSC_0008At some point, I’d like to change out the lighting above the vanity, and then I think we’ll be done in here. Now I just need to find the time to actually relax in the tub someday. After four years in this house, the kids are the only ones who ever use it!

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