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I’ve neglected our dining room a bit over the last few years, mostly because we don’t spend much time in there (typical of today’s more casual entertaining, right?). However, I did want to keep a more formal dining area in our home, especially now that the kids are starting to get a little older, and it might (??) become easier to eat in there as a family for special occasions. Plus, our dining room is to the right of our entry foyer, so it’s very visible when you first enter our home. Here’s how it turned out –

DSC_0020This mini-makeover was inspired by a set of curtains I recently found. I actually found two panels of these curtains at a local consignment shop (Revival, for those from the Richmond area). I loved the print, but I have two windows in our dining room – so I needed four panels total. I took them to one of my local seamstresses and had each panel cut in half. She also had to do a little work with the trim – originally, each panel had double trim on the inside of the panel. We took that down to one piece of trim for each panel, so we had a total of four. I’ve had curtains divided in the past – it’s an easy enough fix as long as the panels are wide enough to begin with (and fit your windows in terms of height). I would say that once divided, you want at least 24-30″ for each pleated top. I like that they are still full but let more light into the room.

DSC_0029A note about hanging curtains – generally, you want to go high and wide on the windows. Be careful with the length of your curtains, however. You can go one of three ways – 1.) about 1/2 inch shorter than the floor (as seen above), which keeps the panels from getting dusty, 2.) just hitting the floor – looks very tailored and crisp, but is tricky to pull off with exact measurement, or 3.) a break on the floor or full puddle – harder to keep clean, but gives a luxurious look to the drapes.


DSC_0028We had the buffet/credenza in the room before (in fact, I didn’t buy any new furniture for this mini-makeover), but I did change up the arrangement above the buffet. I got a new mirror (an antiqued piece from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams), as well as the wall shelves (from Global Views, purchased from another great consignment shop in the area, Izzie’s).

DSC_0017I had the lamps already, so it wasn’t too much to change out (although Greg did NOT love hanging the new, super heavy mirror). It’s a little crooked, but I’ve been unsuccessful so far at getting him to fix it, ha!).

DSC_0025The large vase and bird prints are also new (well, the prints are quite old, but I reframed them in a more modern frame). The vase is beautiful and apparently pretty rare, but I got it discounted because it sustained some damage at some point (strategically hidden).

DSC_0024I’ve been playing around with the arrangement on the credenza, but going with the blues and whites for now … I also have a few plates that I might hang in between the two windows (in place of the mirrors).

DSC_0006Here’s a close up of the art flanking the buffet. They are two abstract prints that are slightly different, but I thought something calming and modern would look good in the space. I purchased the prints from Etsy and framed them myself.

DSC_0023I’m going with the symmetrical look for the buffet – hoping it looks interesting but that the symmetry is a grounding/calming element in the room.

DSC_0016I would like to change the paint color at some point, but it’s not too bad, and that feels like a big undertaking with all of the things I have hung on the walls. As much as I’ve painted furniture, I’ve actually never painted walls. Might be a summer project, we’ll see! Hope you enjoyed reading the post!

6 thoughts on “Dining Room Updates

  1. You’re so talented, Lori! I love that you planned the room around the curtains you found! I wish I had the energy to take on doing some updating to several rooms in our house!

  2. This is a really helpful post – you know I’m in the market for drapes and I was seriously just the other day trying to figure out exactly how wide I would need them to be if I were to find some at a consignment store. So – problem solved! Thanks, Lori!

    1. Hi Mary – just be certain that you measure the top pleated part. After you divide them, they still need to be about 24-30 inches wide, I would say, to not look “skimpy”. So, before they are cut, make sure you’re looking at a top measurement (at the pleats) of at least 50-60 inches. A lot depends on your windows, however, and if you want them to be functional and close. That recommendation is based on the windows in my dining room, which are small. Hope that helps – good luck on your hunt, and thanks for the nice comment! 🙂

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