Down to the Deep

Today, I wanted to highlight the work of a local Richmond artist (and good friend), the talented Betsy Mangum, who designed and painted this great mural for a child’s room.

Here’s the backstory. A few months ago, I was approached by an existing client (I worked on her office, their master bedroom, and their foyer). It turns out her young son was hoping for some personalization for his bedroom in their new(ish) home. He was (and let’s hope still is) very interested in sea animals and ocean life. My client was looking to have a wall mural painted in his room to reflect his interests and add tons of personality to the space.

To begin, she had a wall color in mind for the “ocean” – the lime green – but wanted some help planning a design and, of course, needed an artist to prepare drawings for approval and then paint the mural. I immediately thought of Betsy for the job, as she is a wonderful artist who has done many wall murals for her clients in the past. We had a group meeting to brainstorm the overall look of the mural (i.e. the graphic whale, etc.), and then Betsy prepared drawings that were then approved by the client, and the work began. I love how Betsy designed the mural to stretch over to a second wall. I only have two pictures of the finished project, but I think it turned out great! And, most importantly, our “client” is pretty happy with his new room. Great job, Betsy!

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