Third Times a Charm?

I thought I was done with the dining room. I’ve tried to be done with it twice now. This is now my third post about it – and we rarely even use it. But, it’s really prominently located in our home (a center hall colonial), so I see it all of the time. Being at home a lot with the kids makes me see it that much more. And although I was pretty happy with it after my last blog post, it still didn’t seem right.  It’s not that dramatic, but here’s the before and after:


The main thing that bothered me about the “before” dining room was the paint color, which was here when we moved in and wasn’t terrible, so we lived with it for a while. I didn’t mind the pale yellow color above the chair rail, but the bottom of the chair rail was painted a gold yellow color that felt too traditional and didn’t go with my drapes. I also found these great salmon/pink chairs that I wanted to use in here to compliment the drapes, so I knew I wanted to do a pink color on the walls.


So one afternoon, I, along with some little helpers, painted a few samples on cardboard and moved them around the room for a few days to see which one looked best. I was torn between Farrow & Ball’s Middleton Pink and Benjamin Moore’s Warm Blush.

I ended up picking Warm Blush and am happy with how it turned out. It’s very subtle but definitely has a pink tone to it. I think this picture shows the true paint color best.


I also didn’t love the antiqued mirror shown in the “before” picture in this room. I still really like it and think we’ll use it in the family room, but in this space (which can feel dark), I wanted a mirror that would reflect more light around in the room and also showcase the scale of the ceilings (9 feet). So, I ended up with a vintage Ethan Allen mirror over the sideboard. I moved the wall sconces over the chairs and added a few accessories to bring out the green tones in the drapes.


DSC_0101The drapes, which I love, also have some blues in the pattern, so I’ve got a bit of blue in the room as well, mostly in the rug and the large floor vase.

DSC_0097So, that should do it, I hope!

DSC_0080Oh, and one last thing – I tried to take a picture of the other side of the room and laughed at the view of our refrigerator through the doorway. I’m definitely not a minimalist when it comes to preschool artwork, ha!

DSC_0111Thanks for reading!


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