My Go-To Houseplants

If you’ve been reading my blog posts for a while, you may have noticed that I almost always have a plant or two in each room. I love the idea of bringing a little bit of nature inside, and plants also help to remove toxins from the air. A win-win, right?

Let me preface this post by admitting that I am in no way a plant expert. I just enjoy them and have learned a lot from my mom, who has a much greener thumb than I do. I’ve tried a number of plants over the years and have definitely ended up with my fair share of brown plants. In fact, I have a pair of dead maidenhair ferns sitting on my deck right now waiting to be composted. That being said, I have had good luck with the ones I’m going to reference. Every house is different of course, and you must take into account the amount of natural light and maintenance (i.e. watering and fertilizing) you are willing to do.

Okay, first up is a relative newbie, but it seems to be doing well, so I’m going to consider it a success at this point.


This is a Philodendron, and they can get quite large, so I’ll have to move this at some point if it does well over time. I love the large, interesting leaves on this plant, and it’s fairly easy to grow as long as you have bright indirect lighting. These plants have been around forever, of course, but are currently having a moment in the decor world.

DSC_0100Another large, sculptural plant that has been enjoying a LONG moment in the decor world is the fiddle leaf fig plant.


This tree-like plant gets very large and also has large, unique leaves that can add a ton of interest in a space. I have two of them at the moment but did have one die early on. They aren’t cheap either – around $45-65 for a smallish one and upwards from there. In my experience, they like a lot of light and do not like to be moved. Once they’re happy, though, they grow quickly and can really make a room. I’ve had this one for almost five years, and it’s still going strong.

DSC_0114Next up is the nearly indestructible ZZ plant. You may have seen these plants in office buildings, because they require very little care and are an attractive plant with a graceful shape.

DSC_0138  If you have never been able to keep a plant alive, give this one a try. They can live in low light and miss waterings and still look great. I think in the four or so years I’ve had this one, I’ve had to only cut off one dead stem. They leaves are shiny and attractive as well.

DSC_0143Next up is the Pothos. A very popular choice, this vining plant can be variegated or all green and looks equally pretty trailing or in a container.


They do well in indirect light but can also take some bright light. I use these plants as my “barometers” – when they start to droop, I do a whole house watering.

DSC_0119Next up is the Jade plant. A succulent, these plants require light and irregular waterings.


You can tell how your plant is doing based on the leaves – you want them full and shiny – not shriveled or browning. Adjust your waterings if you notice the leaves changing.

DSC_0134I’ve actually got a few brown leaves to pick off in this example, whoops.

My last selection is another good choice for lower light and less frequent waterings (notice a theme?) –  the Snake plant. These plants grow tall and straight and add nice height to a room.

DSC_0013Let them dry out between waterings and make sure they have good draining. Then just enjoy their pretty sculptural shape.

That about wraps up my list … I’ve got a few others, but these are my general “go-to” houseplants. Hope you found the information helpful and are inspired to add one or two to your home. May your thumbs all be green!

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